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Cost of Broadband Inflated for Business Users

Posted on Feb 08, 2016.

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According to EEF, the manufacturers organisation, British Manufactures are paying inflated sums for internet access.

A quarter of small firms and over half of medium-sized firms were found  in a survey by EEF to be paying in excess of £5,000 per year of their internet access. This is a trend they urgently want the government to address and claim currently residential internet access is given priority of access for businesses.

The organisation would like to see a review of the options available for businesses of affordable internet access with the aim of encouraging the current parliament to cut costs.

The EEF claim that 90% of respondents to their survey class internet access as important as electricity and water to their businesses and without affordable access UK businesses could miss out on advantages advancements in technology could bring.

The possibility of splitting up BT, so that broadband infrastructure is managed by an independent company, is an option that the telecoms regulator Ofcom are currently considering. This is one option that could improve the provision of broadband in the UK for both business and residential users.

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