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Businesses are missing an opportunity to protect against risks by not scanning for malware when using cloud services

Posted on Oct 19, 2016.

In the past year, 19% of businesses have been the target of a data breach and of this amount 38% of the affected business reported that a cloud service was the source, the probable source or was in some way affected. A further 27% had no idea how the attack originated. A further 27% had no idea how the attack originated. A lack of visibility has left a large number of these companies having no idea how this happened, how to make  steps to prevent repeat attacks or even how to scan for anything malicious stored in cloud services. Furthermore, a third did not know if the had been a victim of malware due to lack of visibility of cloud services used by employees.

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A report, entitled 'Cloud Malware and Data Breaches: 2016 Study', says that of all cloud services used by businesses, less than 5% are approved or managed by the organisation. This means that services infected with malware are likely to be even more widespread than previously thought as businesses are missing the opportunity to scan data for malware infections.

There is no guaranteed way to keep malware out but with cloud data on the rise, companies are going to need to take every possible precaution.

What steps can businesses take?

Smaller businesses and organisations with just a few computers should ensure up to date Antivirus and Anti-Spyware are running on every machine and train all staff in how to use this to avoid dangers.

For larger businesses and organisations a security suite that allows for a central location that monitors software could help   manage a larger number of computers and devices. This is available and more for enterprise level businesses with software that manages tools appreciate for bigger organisations.

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