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Apple Music free trial is ending for early adopters. Need to cancel or get refund then read more.

Posted on Oct 02, 2015.

It’s been three months since Apple Music launched their streaming service with a free, three month long, trial.

Opinion has been divided on the streaming service which is unsuprising considering the loyalty of fans of other major industry players like Spotify and Google Music to name a few. That said a free month free trial has been tempting for many who had been curious to see how the service held up to their existing providers.

So if you were an early adopter and your trial is still active what do you do now?

Well that question depends on how you feel about the service:

Loved it - great, there is no need to do anything, just carry on as normal listening to your favourite artists on your favourite streaming platform. Billing will commence in accordance with the terms of your agreement.

No so keen - read on and I will explain how to cancel or even gain a refund if you were billed already.

If you need a refund it can be tricky working out how to contact to the right person from apple support, here are the steps you need to take to get there.

Visit the apple support website and scroll apple music. Click this icon and then click the accounts, billing and registration option.

Select my issue is not listed option in the list of options presented, type refund in the input box that displays and you will be presented with a list of options.

I clicked chat, and a friendly member of apple support was able to refund my service for me. 

Alternatively if you were not one of the first to sign you still may have time to cancel your membership right from your iTunes.

cancel apple music 1

Just click on account info just above the sign out option - you will need to sign in - On this page scroll to settings, click manage button alongside the subscriptions option.

you will see all your subscription here in this view, edit Apple music to no longer auto renew and click done.

cancel apple music 3

There you go, you will no longer be billed for Apple Music.

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