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First Apple CareKit Apps Released for Tracking Health Conditions and Goals

Posted on May 03, 2016.

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Apple CareKit was introduced last month, its aim, Apple claim, is to empower people to play an active role and better track their own medical conditions. This follows the success of research kit enabling apps to collect global data from device users with medical conditions. Since its release several new apps have been released taking advantage of new CareKit capabilities.

Apple Care Kit

CareKit is a set of tools that can be added to new or existing tools. It helps to give patients an easy way of tracking their conditions. The apps available making use of these already include:

One Drop -  to help aid diabetes management

Start - to help those with depression manage their medication

Glow - Two apps for reproductive health (Glow Nature) and for maternal health (Glow Baby)

The tools were developed as Apple wants to help with the process of adjusting to a new condition, tracking an existing one or even recovering from a post surgery reducing the anxiety and confusion along the way.

Apple COO Jeff Williams said, "We think one of the biggest changes we can make in health care is to encourage people to play an active role. … We view that we have an opportunity and an obligation to help.”

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